STRIVE for Social Inclusion

Social inclusion. That’s what C-HOPE programs are all about. Our programs facilitate and promote social inclusion in the workplace, during social and recreational activities, accessing people and places, developing relationships, and accessing healthcare.

All C-HOPE programs focus on helping participants develop social relationships and social skills while gaining other valuable skills for independent living.

C-HOPE offers people with disabilities and other challenging life circumstances innovative, current, and diverse programs. Our programs are designed to provide social and recreational opportunities in addition to activities that develop skills for independent living. Our programs are led by experienced professionals with academic credentials in occupational therapy, special education, speech-language pathology, physical therapy, and other relevant fields. Every participant is paired with a trained volunteer that provides them with the level of support that meets their individual needs.


Social programs

To develop

Relationships, increase

Independence, and enhance a

Variety of skills to

Engage and empower